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Join my reader group and my ARC group on Facebook

So it’s no secret that I don’t keep up with my blog posts or newsletters as often as I should, and I’m the first to admit that. While I should definitely make more effort to communicate via these channels (and I believe that was two of my New Year’s resolutions), I also sometimes need to remind myself to cut myself some slack. There’s only one of me, and until someone invents a way to shape shift, or clones oneself, I can only be in one place, doing one(ish) thing at a time.

Clearly as I’m an author, that one(ish) thing should be writing, more often than not, or else there will be no need for a blog or newsletter, and nothing for anyone to read. To that end, lately, I have been locked up in my proverbial garret cranking out the words. Because…deadlines, but more importantly, because that’s what I love to do.

Having said that, I really am no slacker, and as I said I would, I have been putting energy and focus into growing my online community. Specifically, I have recently established both my reader group and my ARC group on Facebook. It’s early days, but both are steadily growing and gaining momentum, especially the reader group, MV Ellis’s Killer Queens.

We have fun – we chat, hang out, have a laugh, and do giveaways, as well as swapping non-page/timeline friendly images, videos and secrets. Plus, I often drop exclusive content from my WIPs and share other information or opportunities not available to everyone – especially about new releases.

So if you kind of vaguely like what I do, and want more, well, me then it’s worth swinging by and joining. I’d love to have you there.

In my ARC group, MV Ellis’s Badass Bitches it’s all about those ARCs (obvs), and all things reviews and content. Again there will also be exclusive opportunities, Secret Squirrel information, and content not available to everyone else, so definitely worth joining. And again, I’d love to have your company.

And of course, you can join both groups and have twice the fun, and exclusive content.

And no that I have a handle on those things I have to do better with Instagram. I always mean to, but then the best laid plans, as they say…still keep a eye out, I do have plans to revamp (again) and give my insta a smart new look.

Well that’s all folks, I’m so looking forward to hanging with you all soon,

Big love.

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