Hello world!

Well, it’s happened, my website is live! Welcome to mvellis.com. This is the home of all things MV Ellis (cryptic, I know, given the url), and my debut romance novel,¬†Catching London. Catching London will be released in February 2018. I’ll be posting regularly on my progress as this journey gets underway. Keep checking back (or subscribe) for updates.

Things are getting pretty exciting around these parts, with a few developments in the wings. Nothing that I can share right now, though. Keeping secrets is hard, especially positive ones! In time I’ll be releasing sneak peeks of content, and letting you know more about what’s to come.

I’m pumped that Catching London is finished, and will be hitting the “shelves” early next year. And by shelves, I mean mostly the virtual kind. It feels so good (and surreal) to say I’ll soon be sharing my ‘baby’ with the world!

I’ve also been working hard on all my social profiles, book trailer, and so many other things (who needs sleep, right?). I’ll share those with you in separate posts, and you can follow me across the cyberverse, if you so desire.

My current motto is “you can sleep when you’re dead,” and it has certainly been a scarce resource, lately. The downside is that I’m pretty exhausted. The upside is that I’m pouring every ounce of energy (and spare moment) into getting this writing show off the road. I’m happy to make the trade off for ¬†great results. So far, so good.

The big new right now is that because I’m a total slacker (ha!), book number two is already in my sights. It will also be released in 2018, so there will be updates on that in the coming weeks, too. I’m going to be a busy bee!


Exciting times ahead, come follow me…




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