Zed is live!

Zed is live now!

Wow, so we made it! Book baby no. 6 is out in the world, and I’m watching him fly.

As writers, we’d love to think this is a given, and it would certainly reduce the headache and heartache factor if it was, but the truth is that we have no idea how a book is going to be received until its out there doing its thing, at which point, it’s pretty much too late! The nerves at that stage can be immense and and intense. We put a little (bahahahaha! aka a lot) of ourselves into our work, so it can be hard to take it personally if others aren’t keen on it!

I’m fortunate that that hasn’t been the case this time around, and more than that, I’ve kicked a few goals and achieved some personal bests this time around, so it’s not been too shabby. Of course, I’ve learned some things along the way, and there is always room for improvement, but overall, I’m happy to chalk this up as a win, and get on with writing my tenth book.

Ten! That’s crazy talk.

The launch went off without a hitch, which is never a given when Amazon are involved. And as more reviews come in, they’re overwhelmingly positive.

In the meantime, where’s a snippet from Zed to keep you going.

Realizing too late what I had done, I stiffened, expecting her to push me away or verbally admonish me, or both. To my surprise, she said nothing and turned her body toward me, slipping her arm around my waist. As she looked up at me, eyes wide, leaning down to kiss her seemed like the most natural thing in the world, so that’s exactly what I did.

The moment our lips lightly touched felt more right than anything in my life until that point. Our connection felt so real, so vital, so inevitablethat it took my breath away and obliterated everything around us. I couldn’t see, hear or think of anything other than Octavia Douglas.

She stood on her toes, sliding her hands farther up my back, pulling me in closer to her. I lowered my hands to her waist, pulling her nearer, and we both applied more pressure to the kiss. I opened my mouth first, letting her explore the unchartered territory and relishing the feeling of her leading the dance.

I waited for her to yield to me in the same way, roaming her mouth with my tongue as though it was the last thing I would ever do. The thought occurred to me that there was no better way to go out; I couldn’t remember feeling as at peace then as I had since… forever.

The moments glided by, and I became increasingly aware that we were kissing on the street and not hailing a ride as we should have been. Though it went against every desire in my body, I was the one to end our embrace.

“Let’s get going. It’s not getting any earlier.” She nodded but said nothing.

Within a few minutes, we were in the back of a cab heading toward Octavia’s East Village apartment. The silence stretching between us was loaded, and not knowing how to break it, I did the next best thing. I reached for her hand across the cracked vinyl seats, sliding the palm of mine over the back of hers, interlinking our fingers. She squeezed her acknowledgment but didn’t look at me or speak. The silence was golden.

As we pulled up outside her apartment building, she was the one to finally break it.

Turning to me, she spoke quietly. “Do you want to…?”

I nodded, not needing to hear the rest of the sentence.

Hell yes I wanted to.

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