So in true MV style, my release party game has gone from zero to 1000 in a hop, skip, and a jump.

Zed is my sixth release, but my first release party–I’ve never attended one for another author, or had one myself. So first, there’s the “Eeeek! I have no idea what I’m doing” factor, then there’s the “go hard or go home” gene that runs strong in me.

Zed release party lineup. Cue girly squeals

So, I’m going hard. I have 26, yes TWENTY. SIX. other authors joining me for to celebrate Zed’s release. It’s going to be something else. I literally cannot wait. Well, not literally, because I am waiting. I have to wait, because it’s not until 5pm on July 2nd (EST), in Bestsellers and Beststellars Party Room on Facebook. If you’re not a member of that group, I’d suggest joining in advance, as it’s going to be pretty busy on the day, and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

That’s 7am July 3rd for for those of us in the future. This this is going to be bigger than Ben Hur!

I’m not gonna lie, there were a few girlie squeals of excitement here at Ellis HQ when we say some of the authors who’ve signed up.

Looking forward to partying with you then!

In addition, I will also be taking over in Late Night Support Group on Facebook on June 30 at 7pm (EST), and in One-click-aholics on Facebook on July 1 at 7pm EST.

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